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Inspired by the artistic drapery of international fashion designers, YEMA not only sets new standards in functionality, but this carrier collection genuinely catches the eye while hidden functions focus attention on the design.
In the first few months of an infant’s life, it is important to have as much physical contact as possible. Our baby carriers create the perfect connection between mother and child – encouraging a close bond and a deep sense of security. Lying against the chest, a baby can hear the mother’s heartbeat, which was so familiar in the womb. Skin contact, warmth, and scents leave infants feeling protected and safe. The YEMA: A product that not only promotes healthy development but also makes a bold design statement.
CYBEX YEMA Denim Baby Carrier
CYBEX YEMA Baby Carrier Awards
CYBEX YEMA Baby Carrier Functions

A familiar voice, cozy warmth and that unique smell – a baby carrier intensifies that important bond between parent and child from birth. »Babywearing« nurtures a deep sense of trust between parent and infant, while stimulating the child’s cognitive development.

The correct carrying method places the infant in the healthy spread-squat position, while taking the weight away from the hips and helping the joints to develop. All CYBEX baby carriers received the certification ‘hip healthy’ from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and the well-known carrying consultancy Trageschule Hamburg recommend our baby carriers. A baby carrier provides you with almost unlimited mobility: while your baby is in a snug and safe place, your hands are free to deal with the challenges of fast, urban life.

The YEMA baby carrier is a true fashion statement that combines ergonomics and comfort with quality you can count on.The smart lined elastic fabric is placed on the diagonal to offer optimum support for baby’s naturally rounded back and head; expanding to fit different sized children.

Thanks to the seamlessly adjustable seat panel and the adjustable headrest the baby carrier grows with your child. It is suitable from newborn to toddler (approx. 3.5 - 15 kg) and offers three carrying positions: front parent facing position, hip carry position, and back carry position.

The baby carrier YEMA is available in gorgeous colours and materials. Choose your style!

  • From newborn to toddler (approx. 3.5 - 15 kg)
  • Ergonomical carrying in 3 different positions: front parent facing position, hip carry position, back carry position
  • Adjustable head and neck rest
  • Comfortably padded shoulder straps with optional cross or parallel function
  • Security loop on belt
  • Softly padded comfort waist belt
  • Width adjustable seat
  • Hidden interior pocket for head and neck support
  • 100% wrap-like cotton for back support
  • Fabric covers machine washable at 30°
  • Colorway: KOI
  • Delivery: 1 baby carrier YEMA TIE KOI



3 carrying positions – from newborn to toddler (approx. 3.5 - 15 kg): On the front, side or the back.


Babies can be carried facing the chest from birth. The baby carrier encourages the correct posture in the spread-squat position, which can help the hip joints to develop correctly.


Babies that can hold their own head (from around 3-4 months) can also be carried in the side position. This allows them to rest against mum’s or dad’s shoulder while taking in their surroundings.


Babies with good head and upper body control (from around 6 months) can be carried in the YEMA on your back, making is easy for parents to bear the baby’s weight.



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