Jeremy Scott Wings e-PRIAM


CYBEX by Jeremy Scott
Renowned for challenging conventions to the core, the American designer Jeremy Scott breaks up the design customs of the fashion world, creating works of art that are visually extravagant and also functional. Having dressed various superstars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus, as well as a renowned collaboration with the sportswear label adidas, the Creative Director of Moschino offers a second cooperation with CYBEX.

e-PRIAM Frame incl. LUX Seat Hardpart

From birth - 17kg (approx. 4 years)

Revolutionary smart technology meets luxurious design in the e-PRIAM - the first e-stroller by CYBEX. Intelligent, intuitive, and exceptionally innovative, the e-PRIAM empowers you to glide up and down hills with ease, and smartly adapts to rough terrain like sand, gravel or cobblestones. Experience the magical sensation of a heavy load made lighter; of a rocky path made smooth; of an impossible climb made suddenly achievable. Go further, fit more into your everyday life - and have more energy for you and your child’s future journey together.
CYBEX e-Priam
CYBEX e-Priam
Hill Support

Ease of use & less physical strain for the parent. With the Smart Uphill and Downhill Assist, sensors integrated into the handle bar detect pushing and pulling pressure on the handle and adjust the support accordingly. This is done in a smooth and intelligent way so that you have the same feeling when pushing the stroller uphill or downhill as when you would stroll it on a straight road. The electronic functions can assist climbing a slope of up to approximately 25% (or approximately 14°). This is similar to the incline of Lombard Street in San Francisco.

CYBEX e-Priam
CYBEX e-Priam
Uneven Surface Support

Don’t think twice about going off-road: the e-PRIAM lets you power across rough terrain such as sandy beaches, country paths and snowy winter streets. Greater travelling ease for you, greater travelling comfort for your child.

CYBEX e-Priam
CYBEX e-Priam
Downhill Support

Travel down slopes in comfort and grace with the e-PRIAM downhill support—detecting pulling pressure on the handlebar and slowing your descent accordingly. Move downhill effortlessly, whether you’re travelling with a tiny newborn or a fully-grown toddler.

e-PRIAM Frame incl. LUX Seat Hardpart

From birth - 22 kg (approx. 4 years)

The demands CYBEX places on the development and manufacture of its strollers are based on a simple aim: to provide modern parents with the best equipment available. The new e-PRIAM is our calling card.

ONE HAND FOLDING: The e-PRIAM is easy to fold using just one hand. Its seat unit folds away with the frame into a compact, flat package. Even as a free-standing unit, the new PRIAM can be discreetly stowed away – in a restaurant, on public transport and at home.

ONE HAND RECLINE: Thanks to its simple handling, the e-PRIAM LUX Seat adjusts to a comfortable lie-flat position with just one hand – transforming the stroller into a comfortable, cosy bed when you´re on the go.

REVERSIBLE SEAT UNIT: Whether forward-facing or parent-facing, the PRIAM LUX Seat can be easily adjusted tot he desired position in just a few simple steps.

XXL SUN CANOPY: The PRIAM´s extendable XXL sun canopy provides UPF50+ sun protection and also effectively protects against wind and weather.

Battery: Powered by a Lithium-ion battery, the e-PRIAM has a range of approximately 8–45 km depending on load and conditions. The battery can be charged within six hours, and the charge status is easily checked via an LED indicator in the rear axle.

Sensors: Sensors in the handlebar detect pushing and pulling effort, while a smart algorithm works continuously to calculate the optimum amount of support you need, adapting to travelling conditions and changes in terrain in the blink of an eye.

Engines: The e-PRIAM’s two electric engines add powered support when needed, and are quiet enough to allow your child to sleep uninterrupted. Discretely located behind the back wheels, the engines are attached to either end of the rear axle.

  • e-PRIAM with Lux seat from the CYBEX by Jeremy Scott Wings Collection
  • From birth up to 22 kg (approx. 4 years)
  • Unique design with golden wings
  • 3-in-1 Travelsystem
  • One-hand folding
  • One-hand recline
  • Reversible seat unit
  • XXL sun canopy
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Modern frame design in black and gold
  • Comfortable seat inlay offers convenient support and comfort
  • Optional available: PRIAM skis
  • Two-wheel mode
  • Extra-large shopping basket
  • Seat at table height
  • Universal adapter for all e-PRIAM attachments
  • Colourway: Black & gold
  • Delivery: 1 Jeremy Scott Wings e-PRIAM (incl. Seatpack, adapters for infant car seat, Trekking Wheels, raincover and shopping basket)
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