MIOS Frame incl. Lux Seat Hard part
: MIOS Frame incl. Lux Seat Hard part
: MIOS Frame incl. Lux Seat Hard part
: MIOS Frame incl. Lux Seat Hard part
: MIOS Frame incl. Lux Seat Hard part
: MIOS Frame incl. Lux Seat Hard part
: MIOS Frame incl. Lux Seat Hard part

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MIOS Frame incl. LUX Seat Hard part

The new Lightness

CYBEX MIOS Frame incl. LUX Seat Hard part
CYBEX MIOS Frame incl. LUX Seat Hard part - 4-in-1 Travel System
4-in-1 Travel System

The MIOS is perfectly adapted to the challenges of active, modern life, offering a wide range of individual options. Its new 4-in-1 Travel System can be customized by the addition of different attachments on a single frame. The MIOS can be used with the new LUX Carry Cot or the LITE Cot with their extra-soft memory foam mattresses. As a lightweight and compact stroller, its breathable seat can be classically forward-facing or parent-facing. The MIOS can also be used as a practical Travel System in combination with the Cloud Z i-Size or one of the award-winning child seats from CYBEX or gb. The Seat pack for the LUX Seat Hard part is separately available in different colours.

CYBEX MIOS Frame incl. LUX Seat Hard part - Small Wonder
Small Wonder

The MIOS is the epitome of lightweight urban mobility. Weighing just about 9 kg and measuring a mere 50 cm in width, the MIOS is the perfect companion for parents out and about in the city. Its compact design is rounded off with smart functionality and maximum comfort.

CYBEX MIOS Frame incl. LUX Seat Hard part - Breathable

The MIOS backrest and legrest are designed with an innovative mesh fabric that blends elegantly into the stroller´s design and ensures fresh air circulation. While the breathable properties of the fabric offer a pleasant coolness, the padded comfort inlay provides cosy warmth on cooler days.

CYBEX MIOS Frame incl. LUX Seat Hard part - Fold it - One-Hand Folding mechanism
Fold it - One-Hand Folding mechanism

The innovative one-hand folding mechanism transforms the MIOS into a compact, self-standing package in seconds, using only one hand.

CYBEX MIOS Frame incl. LUX Seat Hard part - Reversable Seat Unit
Reversable Seat Unit

The new reversible seat unit can be turned quickly and easily to the desired sitting position.

CYBEX MIOS Frame incl. LUX Seat Hard part - One-Hand Recline
One-Hand Recline

The MIOS backrest can be reclined to four different positions using one hand. The legrest can be separately adjusted to three different positions.

The details are not the details. They make the design.

Charles Eames

City streets can become obstacle courses with a baby in tow, so it’s important to choose a stroller solution that can keep pace. The 4-in-1 Travel System of the CYBEX MIOS Frame lets you customize your stroller to suit your journey: whether you’re using a Seat Pack, a LUX Carry Cot, an infant car seat, or a LITE Cot. Your ride can be personalised with a range of stylish colour options: a contemporary matt black, a refined rose gold, or chrome with black or brown details. City dwellers will also appreciate a compact build allowing them to maneuver through crowded streets with precision. And at journey’s end the frame can be folded into a compact package using just one hand, ready to stow away at your convenience.

The new MIOS is a milestone in terms of compactness, flexibility and design language – developed as an elegant and practical companion for modern families. Extra robust with minimal weight, it supports an active and adventurous lifestyle. The MIOS has been designed to easily overcome all the obstacles of the urban jungle, navigating through the challenges of urban centres with ease and agility.

As with the PRIAM, the new, elegant look of the MIOS ensures that parents can express their style-savvy and trendsetting fashion sense. The design of the MIOS makes an especially high-end impression – thanks to pure, aesthetic lines and high-quality materials.

Its lightweight frame makes the MIOS seem as light as a feather. Its retro-modern design language is complemented by fine, breathable mesh to ensure a balanced climate. In addition, the revolutionary 4-in-1 MIOS Travel System allows the use of different attachments on a single frame. With the comfortable LITE Cot or LUX Carry Cot, the MIOS is transformed into a luxurious cocoon on wheels. Paired with the award-winning CYBEX infant car seats, it becomes an agile mobile support. Later, the MIOS frame serves somewhat older children as a safe, comfortable travel companion whose sitting direction can be individually adjusted.

  • MIOS Frame incl. Lux Seat Hard part
  • From birth up to 22 kg (approx. 4 years)
  • 4-in-1 Travel System
  • Lightweight urban mobility and rounded with smart functionality
  • Innovative mesh fabric
  • One-hand folding mechanism
  • Reversible seat unit
  • One-hand recline
  • XXL sun canopy
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Seat Packs are separately available in several colours and Fashion Collection designs
  • Measurements in mm (folded): L 750 / W 500 / H 330
  • Weight: 9.9 kg
  • Delivery: 1 MIOS Frame incl. LUX Seat Hard part (Seat pack available separately, incl. adapters for infant car seat, rain cover and shopping basket)


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